HANDLE 1400mm for Squeegee / Mop / Deck Scrub

HANDLE 1400mm for Squeegee / Mop / Deck Scrub

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The complete range of practical cleaning solutions covering comprehensive spectrum of applications. Commonly used in other industries, the concept of colour coding provides excellent barriers to reduce cross contamination as well as being manufactured from materials proven to be robust, reliable, effective and easy to maintain.

A revolutionary improvement in brush filament retention, whereby each tuft is stapled into the brush back with food grade stainless steel staples and then epoxy resin is floated in. The resin permeates the bottom of the tuft hole, covering the filaments and staples as it goes. The resin seals the face of the brush, secures the filaments and prevents the accumulation of dirt moisture in the tuft holes.

  • Prevention of dirt, moisture and bacteria in the tuft holes
  • Supreme quality and durability
  • Products are easy to clean
  • Total colour coding
  • Autoclavable at up to 134 oC

The fill of the brush is the the same colour as the back, or handle of a squeegee is the same colour as the blade. by matching handles to the heads of products it ensures that products are being organised in the correct areas. Not using colour coded cleasning equipment runs a higher risk of potential cross contamination.