ANIGENE NaDCC DEFRA APPROVED Effervescent Chlorine Tablets 2.5g

ANIGENE NaDCC DEFRA APPROVED Effervescent Chlorine Tablets 2.5g

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ANIGENE NaDCC solution provides a powerful disinfectant in the form of a powder compressed into a tablet.

The active ingredient, sodium dichloisocyanurate anhydrous (Sodium dichloro-1,3.5-triazinetrione Anhydrous) is formulated with effervescent salts to aid its dispersion in water. the volume of effervescent salts does not affect the ability of ANIGENE NaDCC to generate hypochlorous acid (free available chlorine) in water.

Each ANIGENE NaDCC tablet liberates 1000 part per million (ppm) of available chlorine per 1 litre of water. Chlorine has demonstrated efficacy against Giardia Lamblia (8mg/litre in 10 minutes, in drinking water) which is equivalent to approximately 1 tablet per 300 litre of drinking water.
ANIGENE NaDCC is DEFRA Approved and is ideal for use as an emergency product in the event of a Notifiable Disease outbreak.
ANIGENE NaDCC small white tablets are based on dry chlorine donor, sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which is blended with effervescent components before being compressed into tablet form. The result is a fast-dissolving, highly convenient, safer and more accurate alternative to liquid bleach.

ANIGENE NaDCC Disinfectant has been approved for disinfection of inanimate surfaces where an approved product is required to be used under the control legislation for the following specific disease(s) orders;

Poultry diseases including avian influenza, influenza of avian origin in mammals, Newcastle disease, paramyxovirus at a dilution rate of one part of this preparation plus 10 parts of water;

This approval is granted under the Diseases of Animals (Approved Disinfectants) Orders made by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in England, Scottish ministers Scotland and Welsh ministers in Wales. For confirmation of continuing approval refer to the Defra list of approved disinfectant at